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Community Guidelines

Welcome to CX Accelerator! We are thrilled to have you and are excited for you to share your Customer Experience passion & insights with our community. We strive to maintain a culture of respectful learning and collaboration.

To ensure that our community is a welcoming environment for everyone, all members of CX Accelerator should abide by the following community guidelines:

  • Play Nice. Treat your fellow members with respect. Please be considerate of everyone’s thoughts, opinions and contributions.

  • Be Engaged. Participate to the fullest extent your off-screen world permits. Leave the site in better shape than when you got here by contributing your thoughts, ideas, content or support for other members.

  • Use our Space. We request that conversations started on CX Accelerator remain on our Slack workspace. This helps to make our community a true knowledge hub by ensuring other community members can benefit from the discussion. We encourage you to stay engaged outside of the Slack workspace and to involve others. Community Organizers are active on Twitter & LinkedIn

  • Don’t Spam, Don't Sell. Do not use the site to solicit or gather personal information. Do not "pitch" your product or services, except in #techtalk and any channel that has special guidelines. We ask that all distribution of external resources or publications be shared in the appropriate CX Accelerator Slack Channels. Community Organizers have the right to move or remove any post that is in the incorrect channel or deemed inappropriate. Items posted in the below channels might be shared out to a broader audience via the CX Accelerator Twitter handle, @CXAccelerator.

    • Key channels to distribute your information within are:

      • #Please-Share-This is where we invite all members to share their published works with other members.

      • #other-resources is where you can share professional resources including websites, videos, webinars or trainings with other members.  

      • #podcasts channel

      • #lets-get-linked channel can be used to share your social media profiles and invite others to connect on those networks.

  • Err for Quality. Since other members will be utilizing your ideas and know-how, please make sure that the content you post is legitimate and as accurate as possible. Maintain accountability for your posts. Offer courtesy to other members, sites or sources when re-posting someone else’s ideas or comments by acknowledging where your information came from by giving that third party credit for their work.

  • Be Respectful. Do not slander, libel or otherwise offend other members, websites, online communities or blogs. Represent the community positively.

  • Check Your Ego At The [Virtual] Door. Agree to disagree from time to time. Hear other members out and respect everyone’s contributions.

  • Network, learn and HAVE FUN!

It is extremely important that our community members feel this is a safe and inviting place to share their time and contributions. Nate Brown and Daniel Brown of CX Accelerator welcome any questions you might have about your experience as a community member. Channel leaders are also available for questions and guidance. Please feel free to contact us anytime on Slack or email us at

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