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Several years have passed without any major Voice of the Customer innovations.  I believe it’s about time we changed all that!  This simple technique will revolutionize the way you collect feedback and take your VoC program to the next level.


Two years ago, I was kept awake by a problem shared by nearly all Customer Experience professionals.  The vast majority of feedback received from customers on a daily basis was being disregarded.  The reason for this?  Simply because it was not in the form of a survey.  With no convenient channel to relay the information, it was lost to the void.  This was a massive oversight.  We had a treasure trove of data coming into the organization on a daily basis in the form of organic, unstructured feedback.  On top of this, our survey response rates were diminishing.  It was time to evolve our Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to match today's customer, and to break the survey mentality once and for all.


Enter the CX Magic Button.




I recalled receiving a USB webkey button at a conference years before.  This simple device plugs into your computer or docking station, and is configured to take the user to any URL once pressed.  Being the hoarder that I am, I was able to find the webkey crammed into an overflowing desk drawer.  I knew immediately that this small piece of plastic could be the answer to our unstructured feedback woes.


Fast-forwarding the clock to present time, our magic button is working better than anyone could have imagined.  I will break down the steps to implement your own button process below, but first a quick summary of my formula:

We purchased USB webkeys with our CX branding on them for all customer-facing employees.  We held round table events introducing them to the device and their opportunity to represent the voice of the customer.  A very simple and accessible feedback form was created as the URL for the button.  As employees enter the feedback, it’s reviewed by our CX team and curated into a presentable format.  This information is used to lead a cross-functional meeting once a week in which we learn from the feedback and close the loop on it.  Over time, we’ve been able to generate trending reports and establish priorities based on the unstructured feedback from customers.

Benefits include:


  • Both a higher volume and a higher quality of customer feedback data than ever before

  • Employees feel empowered to represent the voice of the customer with a dedicated channel

  • Aligns directly with journey mapping template, making it extremely easy to create data-driven maps and improved VoC reports

  • Not bound by a survey format, this data provides a much more meaningful picture of what our customers are truly experiencing and generates robust dialog





Omni-channel - The button works for any and all types of feedback coming in.  This could be a phone call to support, an email, a conversation at a trade show, an executive seated next to a customer on a plane, a social media post, or just about anything else.  The simplicity of it makes this level of flexibility possible.


A Tangible Reminder - You may already be thinking, “what’s the point of the button?  Why not just have everyone bookmark the feedback form?”  If you take a quick look at all the dozens of sites you currently have bookmarked, the answer will be clear.  Having a physical button right there in front of you sets this program apart from the everyday noise.  We literally bought buttons that FLASH!  There is power in having a constant visual reminder of this great channel that has been created to enhance the Customer Experience.


Extreme Ease of Use - From the very beginning, we designed the program to be remarkably easy for the employee entering the feedback.  Even small barriers to the process of entering feedback will result in dramatically reduced participation.  Make it a quick, rewarding experience for all involved.  And of course...don't forget to close the loop to earn credibility!


Not Just For Customers - The form you create can have a tab for employee feedback as well.  Give your people a channel to voice any hurdles they may encounter while delivering outstanding CX.  This is sure to have a positive impact on your CES (customer effort score) both internally and externally.

But It Could Be For Customers! - Talk about an amazing technique to blow your VIP customers away...give them a button of their own.  Let them know that this is generally reserved for employees only, but you value their feedback so much that you'd like for them to have one.  I can't imagine a better way to transform a simple piece of plastic into a life-long loyalty enhancer!

🏁  Ready to make the CX Magic Button a part of your VoC program?  Below is a step-by-step guide!  🏁

Nate Brown
CX and Customer Service Writer
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Nate is the Co-founder of CX Accelerator.  While Customer Service is his primary expertise, Nate is able to leverage experience in professional services, marketing, and sales to connect dots and solve the big problems.  From authoring and leading a client success program, to journey mapping, to implementing gamification strategies, to managing a complex contact center, Nate is always learning new things and sharing with the CX community.

We hope this technique will be helpful for you!  Contact us below if you'd like some additional guidance on how to get your system operational.

Published 7/6/2018.  Copyright CX Accelerator, TM

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