Customer Experience, while extremely important, is also extremely difficult work.  Sometimes you just need a laugh and to know that others are wrestling with the same challenges you are. 😁  Enjoy this collection of our favorite original memes from the CX Accelerator Community!

1. Every internet company.

2. Well, if we're being honest!

3. Me outside the CEO's office...

4. If only this were true.

5. Seemingly every company executive...

6.  I wish our office had a Batman.

7.  Poor Carmax.  I guess someone has to be at the bottom of the CX Index!

8. It's a difficult moment for all of us.

9.  The truth will set you free!

10.  Honestly though, what is the point?

11.  The most frighting executive in all of CX land...the one that thinks they know it all.


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