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CX Accelerator is a community of like-minded Customer Experience practitioners investing in one another.  There is no better place for rising Customer Experience professionals who are ready to jump start their career.  We offer two free opportunities to get connected.....a mentorship program and a virtual community on slack.  We look forward to engaging with you on both!


Customer Experience can be extremely lonely work, but it doesn't have to be!  If you are new to CX and looking for some free, friendly guidance you've come to the right place!  We have a fantastic group of mentors ready to assist you in accelerating CX results. Mentors meet once a month for six months either remotely or in person if possible.  Sign up below!


Taylor Shook

Taylor is an experienced marketeer with a focus on customer engagement, RFP Proposal Writing, and Net Promoter Score (NPS).  She has co-led the effort to start a brand new Customer Experience program and is always looking for a good CX challenge.  When she is not enjoying the busy city life of Denver, you will likely find Taylor backpacking in some remote wilderness.  On second thought, you probably won't find her!

Spirit Animal: Spider Monkey

Jeremy Watkin

Jeremy has more than 17 years of experience as a customer service, customer experience, and contact center professional. He is also the co-founder and regular contributor on Customer Service Life and has been recognized many times for his thought leadership.

Spirit Animal: Red Panda

Jenny Dempsey

With over a decade of customer service experience, Jenny has been recognized through social media channels as a thought leader. She is co-founder and a regular contributor on the Customer Service Life blog. When she's not helping or singing to customers, she can be found making her boyfriend laugh, hanging out with her dog and cat, practicing yoga, eating cheese, drinking wine, or all of the above at the same time.

Spirit Animal: Mermaid

Jason Wischer

Jason is a dynamic leader who focuses on delivering excellent customer experience with consistent on time project delivery. He is an accomplished business professional with a demonstrated track record of excellence in the areas of: communication, training, management and project coordination. Jason has ten years of experience leading teams with focus on growth. He is highly self-motivated, organized and a people-focused leader with the ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously. 

Spirit Animal: Australian Shepherd

Garilynn Wollard

Garilynn contact center magician and general customer service expert.  While much of her background is in IT, she enjoys dabbling in just about everything.  Additional specialties include project management, developing new IT solutions, training, and centralizing knowledge bases.  Garilynn is an avid traveler, favoring any destination with fresh powder for her snowboard.

Spirit Animal: Mouse Lemur

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