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It can be so easy for us to get stuck at various inflection points in our CX career. We've got an incredible community with all kinds of amazing people in it...many of which are willing to help you navigate this next stage. We can all use a little mentorship at one point or another, but formal mentorship programs can be a bit too overwhelming and time consuming.

Enter The Micro Mentorship Initiative. This three month cycle gives you the ability to connect with an awesome fellow CX professional and receive help in overcoming a specific challenge. It may be just the burst of inspiration you need to break through and accelerate your career momentum in a big way!

When you are ready, go ahead and fill out the form below. Our mentorship team (Jenny, Sara, Andre, Nate) will reach out very soon with next steps. Thanks for being a part of our community and for investing in yourself!

Mentors: We SO appreciate your willingness to give back to our community. People like you make the CX world go 'round! Please fill out this same form and we will be reaching out to you with next steps ASAP.


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