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68 Customer Support Email Address Name Ideas

Written by Jenny Dempsey, 5.25.2022

You don’t actually want to contact customer support. If you have to, this means you have a problem or an unanswered question. You can’t find the answer in the knowledge base on the company website, instruction book or the FAQs. When you do reach out, you want to know that you’re in good hands and that an answer or resolution to your issue is waiting at the end of that interaction.

Before a customer can reach out to get support, there needs to be communication channels in place. This may be self-service, in-person, phone, email, chat, social media or text message. Your company will choose which channels to configure for customers to reach out. You may use some or all of them. A customer experience team had to plan it out and set this all up on the back end. Deliberate decisions were made to make sure that the communication channels are easy to access and actually work to get messages from customers to the support teams. Mistakes will be made in the planning along the way as customer behaviors and needs evolve. And, as I am sure you already know, this may lead to longer wait times, more generic canned replies, less fully answered questions and resolved problems.

Taking a step back to look at the entire customer journey as it relates to contacting customer support, one basic requirement stands out: having a support email address.

While not every support team has an email address, nor am I saying it is a requirement for every company depending on your customer needs, I have been tasked with creating the support email address in my job for a new brand. Email is our main channel of communication with our customers. However, the support email address that I need to create has limitations that got me scratching my head. So, I took to Twitter to see what ideas others in the CX space have.

Here’s the Tweet I shared:

After receiving 68 creative, funny, insightful replies from customer service and experience folks from all across the world, I knew that this is something others are also thinking about. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the brainstorming! I don’t take credit for any of these ideas and you can see the full thread of replies and who contributed what here.

So, if you’re trying to create a customer support email and are unsure what word to put before the @ sign, use this list from experts to point you in the right direction.


68 Customer Support Email Address Name Ideas

How this works: Use the email address name + @ sign to add before your brand’s domain name

  1. aid@ (Contributed by: @grazie1110)

  2. answers@ (Contributed by @EmilyQuestions)

  3. arealperson@ (Contributed by: ​​@A1Customer)

  4. ask@ (Contributed by: @asogwa_group)

  5. assist@ (Contributed by: @grazie1110)

  6. assistance@ (Contributed by: @kendalrodgers_)

  7. care@ (Contributed by: @mintsev)

  8. cases@ (Contributed by: @jacobshields20)

  9. champions@ (Contributed by: @elisa_reggiardo)

  10. concierge@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  11. contact@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  12. cs@ (Contributed by: @jonross76)

  13. customers@ (Contributed by: @goodgovCX)

  14. customeradvocacy@ (Contributed by: @ikaruskid)

  15. customercare@ (Contributed by: @esmancuso)

  16. customerhelp@ (Contributed by: @goodgovCX)

  17. customerlove@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  18. customerservice@ (Contributed by: @goodgovCX)

  19. customer-support@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  20. customersupport@ (Contributed by: @goodgovCX)

  21. cx@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  22. email@ (Contributed by: @mep_idn)

  23. experience@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  24. feedback@ (Contributed by: @jacobshields20)

  25. fix@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  26. fixes@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  27. fixit@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  28. genius@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  29. getsupport@ (Contributed by: @goodgovCX)

  30. goodworks@ (Contributed by: @balletbaby)

  31. haveyoutriedturningitoffandbackonagain@ (Contributed by: @tomgkelly)

  32. hello@ (Contributed by: @kendalrodgers_)

  33. helpme@ (Contributed by: @kujayhawk92)

  34. helptoexcel@ (Contributed by: @dosllcofficial)

  35. here4u@ (Contributed by: @Pabs_Velasco)

  36. heretohelp@ (Contributed by: @bmc_consulting)

  37. heroes@ (Contributed by: @wendybco)

  38. hi@ (Contributed by: @markstagi)

  39. howcanwehelp@ (Contributed by: @olark)

  40. imhere@ (Contributed by: @dbeaumont266)

  41. ineedsomebody@ (Contributed by: @elisa_reggiardo)

  42. info@ (Contributed by: @Busines27166863)

  43. interested@ (Contributed by: @mikemanndotcom)

  44. iwillfixitforyou@ (Contributed by: @SteveDiGioia)

  45. letushelpyoubecausewelovehelping@ (Contributed by: @olark)

  46. magic@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  47. mail@ (Contributed by: @opsrvtr)

  48. mom@ (Contributed by: @LukeWilliamsCX)

  49. needahand@ (Contributed by: @elisa_reggiardo)

  50. needhelp@ (Contributed by: @goodgovCX)

  51. notangryjustneedhelp@ (Contributed by: @olark)

  52. nowOrNever@ (Contributed by: @seayen)

  53. onIt@ (Contributed by: @seayen)

  54. oops@ (Contributed by: @AnnStew22)

  55. questionsanswered@ (Contributed by: @olark)

  56. reachus@ (Contributed by: @Busines27166863)

  57. response@ (Contributed by: @traincoachlaugh)

  58. serve@ (Contributed by: @angryc0nsumer)

  59. solutions@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  60. solve@ (Contributed by: @elisa_reggiardo)

  61. somethingisbroken@ (Contributed by: @elisa_reggiardo)

  62. success@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  63. ticket@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  64. thanks@ (Contributed by: @AndCamerino)

  65. vip@ (Contributed by: @helpsiteio)

  66. wecanhelp@ (Contributed by: @kaosfusion)

  67. wisdom@ (Contributed by: @ComsAway)

  68. yourbuddy@ (Contributed by: @olark)

Which will I end up using for my support team? With so many ideas to think about, I’m still in the decision phase. I will put an update out on Twitter once I figure it out. Follow me to stay in the loop or join me over in the CX Accelerator community!

UPDATE! Jenny has selected an email! 😁🔥🎉 "I'm going to go with "consumercare@". Great choice Jenny. We hope it serves you well!


JENNEY DEMPSEY, a Southern California native, obtained her BA in English from San Diego State University. Jenny began her call center customer service journey on the front lines back in 2005. In 2012, she co-founded the blog, She currently brings smiles and tasty exotic fruit to customers while fighting food waste over at and Apeel. She also created a Premium Instructor Udemy online training course, "Your Customer Service Tool Box: Best Practices for Beginners" for customer service agents. She is known for her thought leadership, speaking about CS, CX and self-care for contact center agents at business conferences such as Zendesk Relate and ICMI Expo. She was the 2019/2020 recipient of the CloudCherry CX Influencer Award and is an ICMI Top 25 Thought Leader.

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1 Comment

Care Team
Care Team
Feb 06, 2023

This was exactly what we were looking for when trying to think of other names for our support team other than the "normal"/boring approaches. Thanks for taking to time to publish!

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