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Experiences We Are Grateful For

As I like to say, "life is made up of experiences." And we get to design them! What awesome and important work this is. We asked our CX Accelerator leaders to let us know an experience they were thankful for this year. One thing is clear from the responses...we love building strong relationships!

I am really grateful to have the opportunity to see my friends thrive in their careers. I've had the chance to listen to many of my good friends share their career challenges with me over the past year. It's incredible to then watch them not give up on what they want, stand true to their worth, set boundaries, ask for what they deserve and actually make it happen for themselves! - Jenny Dempsey

I’m grateful for the experience I had this year working on a really interesting project with Shane Goldberg. In March, fellow CX Accelerator community member Shane invited me to work on a project with a national healthcare provider that owns a chain of private hospitals all over Australia. The job focused on the doctor experience at these hospitals and I was brought in to address a major pain point that had been revealed in a survey Shane had administered: car parking at 10 hospitals located in 6 different states. Over the course of 3 months, Shane and I travelled around Australia visiting hospitals to determine what the issues were and come up with solutions to address them. No two sites were the same and I became an expert in a variety of different parking management tools. The administrators we were dealing with were fantastic people who genuinely cared, it was great to travel around the country after 2020 when I did no travel whatsoever, the work was fascinating, and it was great to get to know Shane better as we flew, drove, and stayed together. - Ben Motteram

I am grateful for lots of things this year, some quick recaps: wife surviving major surgery, new career opportunity and kids who understand life is about experiences and not stuff. - Keith Kmett

I am thankful for my old boss Ryan Hollenbeck. Ryan recently left Verint, where he served for more than a decade as SVP Marketing. It was such a privilege to work for such a great man! I am very thankful for all I learned from him, and thankful to call him my friend, mentor and coach! - Dan Brown

I am thankful for the opportunity to join a startup mid-year. I work with great people and we’re building customer experience in from the start! - Erica Mancuso

The experience that I am grateful for is the experience I am perceiving from my beautiful wife! She serves our little family outside our national context (Korea) with a consistency that is truly remarkable and adds a little flavor of meaningfulness to it, which makes me say that she is really making my life easier and better each and every day! Thank you, my love! - Andre Grandt

I'm extremely grateful for the CX community at large. From working with the amazing team at Officium Labs, to finally being back at real-life conferences, to being so encouraged by the folks of CX Accelerator...we've got something really special going! - Nate Brown

What experience are you grateful for this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments!!

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Sam Igel'nik
May 31, 2022

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